First Nations Decolonising the State

While Aboriginal Peoples remain objects of state jurisdiction our participation will remain limited as we are denied and excluded from participating as subjects in international law.

Thoughts on Preparing for a Treaty

More to the point, even if a treaty is never achieved, what should we be doing about knowledge maintenance, our cultural-spiritual ceremony, and developing our First Nations education systems around our philosophy?

Pass the Mic

As Aboriginal people, we have had to fight for every acknowledgement we have received in breaking down the hegemony of power relations embedded within Western institutions—white people have given us nothing.

Talgambuun Nandaa

Two years old,
my miigaay holds the voice of a thousand generations,

Gan’na Healing

Since my mother has spoken out we have had a major transformation within our whole family.

Artist Profile: Emily Johnson

I’m focused on portraying Aboriginal female lead characters in a way I wish I could’ve seen them when I was growing up.


Elizabeth Jarrett, Gumbaynggirr   My father and his 12 siblings they did steal, No remorse, no empathy, they do not feel.. How can this be right this is so surreal? Drove them away like cattle in their automobiles. STOLEN from their family and everything they known, STOLEN from their country and connection to their home,…

Sacred Ground

Once the mining has taken the life from the earth it touched it leaves nothing but sorrow..