By Sandra Onus-Kappatch-Jarr (Yigar, Kilkarra, Eurite, Gilgar, Kerrup Mara, Gunditjmara, Dhaurtwurrung)

It was not so very long ago, just as many of you know, that members of the British Race, did come into this sacred place, and cause such mass destruction.

To torture and to murder too, well, it was the thing too do, we were as animals in the zoo, our land was for the taking.

First the squatter’s they rode in, and murdered many of our Kin, they paved the way for Government, to carve up all our country!

The whalers they would come and go, our peoples helped, they did not know, that soon their stay it would be long, then followed by an Evil Throng, the force, was swift and sudden.

Now today our history flows, and many people really know, the truth, about this country.

Today our fight continues on, we still fight an evil throng, but we know it won’t be long, before we get some country!!!

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