A poem I wrote for Dylan James Waye-Voller

To all the negative people making up lies

By Kirra Voller

I will not let you fill my head with lies,

When I know the truth and I’ve seen your disguise,

Thinking of yourself and the choices you made, to take a young mans rights away,

To shackle him to a chair, by his neck wrists and ankles, tell me how is that fair? How is that just how is that humane ? To take a young mans rights away ..

Strip him of the clothes he wears, pin him down without a care, to throw him across a room, did you not see him calling out too you ?

The little boy hidden inside, trying to be strong fearful for his life,

doing what he knew to do to,

to try and stand up to you!

Now he’s grown up in this corrupt system, finally speaking up and he’s realised he’s also a victim, it’s made him stronger to realise it wasn’t right, he’s speaking up and he’s putting up a fight, to stand for what is right, so call him what you want say he hasn’t changed but you’ll never live his nightmare and you’ll never feel his pain !

Photo Credit: Izzy Brown

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