Colonization Is Not A Game

Colonization Is Not A Game

In April 2018 on the Gold Coast, Australia will host the Commonwealth games for the fourth time. On the last two occasions Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people hosted protest camps in Melbourne (2006) and Brisbane (1982), raising awareness to the continued dispossession of our people and destruction of our land. The Commonwealth is made up of many invaded Indigenous lands that are still occupied by the British for the purpose of gaining economic growth through slavery of the people and digging up the land. Now is the time to build a strong network of grassroots activists from around the country.

Lets Talk, Lets Organize, Lets Fight!

Get ready for the #StolenWealth18

StolenWealth Games Art Competition

The games in 2018 gives us almost two years and a massive platform to organise and get people talking about why we should protest the games.

In the lead up to the games we will be holding an Art Competition with entries from individuals, groups, university, tafe, primary and secondary students of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent (please note, this competition is not open to non first-nations people at all)

Each entrant can submit an individual design or submit up to four designs, using any art genre for example: comic book, digital, traditional art, cartoon, contemporary art, etc. The design must depict one of the following themes:

  1. Stolen-Lives
  2. Stolen-Land
  3. Stolen-Culture
  4. Stolen-Wealth.

The four winners will receive the honour of their designs being chosen to lead the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Protest in 2018. Please send a high-res version of your entry, along with your name and best contact to:


Here is an example of an image titled ‘Stolenwealth’ by Robbie Thorpe from the Black GST – 2006 Commonwealth Games Protest.

Featured Image Photo credit: Courier Mail -26th Sept 1982- Victoria Bridge Brisbane

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