Wanda Privilege and Power from a blackness perspective? A negative generational cause and effect of wanda (white people) privilege and power on blackness

Paul Spearim, Gamilaraay

For all first nations peoples of the world and especially within our continent, wanda privilege and power have always been the evil catalyst of our existence in this country and all of us have felt the full brunt of racist extremist values for the past 228 years. 

From when my grandparents and other nation mob had first laid eyes on these strange coloured looking wanda people coming into our sacred lands. My grandparents thought that they were the Dhuwi (souls) of our dead ancestors and clans people who had come back to join us from Gamilu Bidi-Wii (Creation) and because of our strong commitment to our cultural obligations and belief systems these wanda people were held in very high regard.

But then the killing of our Mari (person/people) and destruction of our sacred lands began and this honourable mistake, acceptance and trust that my grandparents and all first nations peoples had freely bestowed onto these wanda people was gone, just as quick as these evil people had appeared in our lands.

When we try and analyse wanda privilege from BLACKNESS the only conclusion that you can come up with is that wanda privilege stems from wanda society and intellectuals introducing into everyday thinking that wanda privilege is a natural birthright. With this typical stereotype of wanda privilege locked into the very core of my DNA is it understanding the BLACKNESS needs? Because I know that it is not pity that I seek and why should I still carry the guilt of 228 years of wanda privilege.

But the reality for all black mobs today is that WANDA PRIVILEGE is alive and well and is still just as dangerous as ever. Today we have in most cases wanda privileged descendants holding strongly to their first, second and also proudly spruiking that they can trace back to fifth and even go back to their tenth generational heritage in this country called Australia.

Not calling it by it’s true names such as Eora, Gamilaraay, Goenpul, Ngannawanna and Bunnarong but Terra Nullius Australis, “Now that is wanda privilege at it’s most dangerous”.

So who is the master of my fate, is it wanda privilege or is it my cultural obligations to BLACKNESS?

These are just some examples of what real wanda privilege is (although there are endless more examples that we have been subjected to):

  • That they did not cause the problem in the first place
  • That they are the only ones that can be our saviours
  • Captain James Cook saved your people, what if Asians, or Germany came here all you Abos would have been wiped out
  • Because they have invented reconciliation they are the humble ones
  • But we’re good people
  • I once knew an abo who came to my school, but she moved because her parents got locked up in prison
  • Today most privileged Wanda are young rich university students masquerading as the poor and vulnerable
  • I’ve got a degree in law so I am more than aware of Aborigines and the legal system
  • It happened way back then, so get over it

Here are some points to be aware of if you are confronted with wanda privilege and power:

  1. Please demand that first and foremost they show you respect.
  2. Ensure that they are really listening.
  3. Do not let them continue justifying their wanda position as being the correct and only position for blackness.
  4. Do they know any black people or anything about our nations and how they all have different languages, songs, dance, stories, knowledge and cultural societies.
  5. Always keep making the point concerning them listening to our point of view.
  6. Do they truly understand our position.
  7. Do not allow them to justify their position by being underhanded and disrespecting our position.
  8. Do not allow them to speak over you.
  9. Do not allow them to discount your opinion.
  10. Before leaving ensure that they did listen to your point of view.

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