My Constitution

Anita Goon Wymarra, Gudang Yadhaykenu/Takalaka

My culture is the core of my existence
My spirit won’t let it be anything else
Its hurts 
But I am strong
I am on a journey
A journey I am not sure of where it is headed
But I’m not scared
I have old people who walk with me
I am protected
My being is intrinsically connected with my bloodline An ancient link to my Ancestors
I feel their strength
I cannot shake their power
Sometimes I feel helpless in this struggle Sometimes I feel hopeless
But I am reminded of my place by this sacred force My spirit calling out ‘keep going don’t let up, not just yet’ Sometimes I stumble
Sometimes I falter,
trying to make sense of it all
And I find myself thinking
But It is not about hate
It is about humility
It is about truth
I walk my truth everyday – my culture, my core
And I will not let my truth be drowned out
My spirit, guided by my Ancestors, will not allow it.

Image credit: Ronald Wymarra Lingwoodock

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