Elizabeth Jarrett, Gumbaynggirr


My father and his 12 siblings they did steal,

No remorse, no empathy, they do not feel..

How can this be right this is so surreal?

Drove them away like cattle in their automobiles.

STOLEN from their family and everything they known,

STOLEN from their country and connection to their home,

Put in concentration camps like prisoners of war zone,

Will they ever see any family again…. Sadly that’s unknown!!!

STOLEN from their right to live with no explanation,

Upon them they would force fractured religion and education,

A legal binding document allowed it in every nation,

STOLEN for the great cause of assimilation…

STOLEN from language, culture and all sacred lore,

Cook couldn’t win so this is to even the score,

Beaten and brainwashed that they were loved no more.

Part of their spirit and identity lost forever more.

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