Gan’na Healing

Lukas Green Williams, Bundjalung

Gan’na healing programs is developed and run by an entire family that understands trauma informed care. We are a family that has experienced on many levels the deepness of trauma inflicted by colonisation. Our grandmother, my mother’s mother, had been a member of the stolen generation and suffered many forms of abuse. My mother found the power to speak out about transgenerational trauma, this has set a new way of being within our family today. Since my mother has spoken out we have had a major transformation within our whole family.

Intergenerational effects had ripped our family apart and the abuse that had taken place in our family was beyond words. However, it stopped with our whole family facing what our past generations could not heal. A mother and her 3 children (now adults) are working towards helping change generations across Australia. Our family came together 5 years ago to make a better life for our next generation and start to voice the hidden trauma’s that deeply impacted our family. Our family has lived through the pain of the challenges and understands what it takes for whole families – communities to start to healing within our Aboriginal societies and families.

Our family completed the first post graduate Indigenous trauma recovery degree in the world. Moreover, we understand that we are the first Aboriginal family in Australia to undertake a uni based program with a focus on healing trauma all together. We understand that all families want connection and we feel that we can help support your community or families to start to look at what a process of family healing looks like. Our vision is to empower Indigenous people to build sovereignty within families that may have experienced effects of colonisation such as; abuse, trauma, mental health, PTSD, substance misuse, removals, and many other traumas that have impacted Aboriginal people due to colonisation. We strive to build strength within our Aboriginal people so they reconnect to culture, to spirit, to self by way of ceremony processes that have been lost. Our approach is based specifically on life experiences and up to date evidence based research and tools from some of the world’s most respected trauma informed practitioners. Our organisation “Gan’na” can deliver programs to suit any community in Australia. We believe our family can offer programs that can be the next breakthrough for healing families within Indigenous communities.


Image credit: Provided by author


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