Talgambuun Nandaa

Two years old,
my miigaay holds the voice of a thousand generations,

Gan’na Healing

Since my mother has spoken out we have had a major transformation within our whole family.

Seeing the Illusion, Old Way – No Fear

Consider the differences that may exist between decolonisation and de-civilisation, because a handful of us owning the machinery of our own destruction and assisting with the ravaging of our lands and communities by corporations may be empowering for some, but….

Australia’s Compulsory Voting Laws: No Room for Dissent

“We are expected to participate in this colonial structure and perform the civic duties of a good citizen while the federal government mines and pollutes our land, deregisters, desecrates and builds over our artefacts and sacred sites.”

Cultural Appropriation

“Cultural appropriation is most commonly perpetrated against Indigenous people of the world by the colonizers of their country.”