Thoughts on Preparing for a Treaty

More to the point, even if a treaty is never achieved, what should we be doing about knowledge maintenance, our cultural-spiritual ceremony, and developing our First Nations education systems around our philosophy?

Sovereign Perspectives (Part 2)

“I just feel that there is absolutely no commitment from government in helping us empower our people. I feel the government is just working more and more towards stripping us of our rights even further.”

Treaty Talks

It is no longer an invitation to treat. Aboriginal people are seeking tangible outcomes, real substantive change. The decisions we make today will affect our generations tomorrow.

Remember the Frontier Wars (1788-1934)

These wars involved the courage, sacrifice and strength of hundreds of thousands of First Nations freedom fighters to protect their land, people and culture from the violence and brutality of the colonial invaders.

South Australia’s Flinders Ranges declared a nuclear dump site

The Adnyamathanha people have been fighting the anti-nuclear fight since the late 90’s to stop the Beverley Uranium Mine and now in 2016, face another struggle to try and stop their sacred lands being turned into a toxic, radioactive uranium dump-site.

Sovereign Perspectives

“It’s our cultural obligation to our old people and to our culture to learn everything we can from our old people and protect that land for our future generations.”