Join Our Team

Please see details below for anyone who would be interested in helping or providing some of their time to support our cause to continue the publication of The Black Rising magazine. Many thanks in advance.

♦ Sourcing content for magazine – that involves reaching out to people of your networks and on social media to find and entice writers and contributors for each issue.
♦ Editing – be given specific articles to edit ready for print layout
Website designer – help to assist with keeping the web/blog up to date with content from the latest issues of the magazine as they are launched
♦ Social media coordinator – assist with all aspects of social media accounts
♦ Public Relations – being up to date with and on the front line of responding to matters which concern the TRB working closely with executive team
Magazine collating and distributing – enveloping, labelling, stamping and posting off magazines
Subscription coordinator – keeping subscriptions up to date and organising label for post, sending receipts for renewal and new subscriptions
♦ Printing coordinator – contacting and coordinating with unions and other orgs that can print
♦ Administration – general assistance across all the different roles
Accounting/financial – assistance with any and all financial accounting reporting requirements
Grant writing and reporting – sourcing relevant and applying for grants and funding reporting requirements
Strategies, Policies and Procedures Coordinator – developing and managing internal strategies policies and procedures for legal and administrative purposes

These positions are open to Aboriginal people. Please still contact us if you want to help or support TBR in an unofficial capacity if you do not identify.

Each area will require different levels of commitment. If you have genuine interest please click here to express your interest and we will contact you to arrange a time to discuss.
Thank you for your consideration.