My Constitution

But I’m not scared
I have old people who walk with me
I am protected

Colonization Is Not A Game

“The Commonwealth is made up of many invaded Indigenous lands that are still occupied by the British for the purpose of gaining economic growth through slavery of the people and digging up the land.”

Sovereign Perspectives (Part 2)

“I just feel that there is absolutely no commitment from government in helping us empower our people. I feel the government is just working more and more towards stripping us of our rights even further.”

Voices of the 3%

“We ask you to listen to what we have to say. It’s important that you fully inform yourself before voting yes or no.”

Australia’s Compulsory Voting Laws: No Room for Dissent

“We are expected to participate in this colonial structure and perform the civic duties of a good citizen while the federal government mines and pollutes our land, deregisters, desecrates and builds over our artefacts and sacred sites.”

The Native Food Challenge

“It really is not difficult at all to build a knowledge base around native flora and fauna and begin to reclaim plant by plant and animal by animal, our identity”

Join Our Team

“Are you Aboriginal and interested in providing some of your time to support our cause to continue this publication?”